Attention YouTube Members!


Since so many of you kept on asking me who is the artist of the music played on my butterfly music video I've created. I've decided to list the artist name and where you guys can access the rest of the artist music.

The name of this particular music that was played on my youtube video is call Amarantine. The artist is Enya.

To access the rest of Enya music, click here.


I hope you find what you looking for... you can also leave a comment on this short blog. Thanks...

Where Butterflies Grow (Picture Puffins)

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Levan said...
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Levan said...

And yes, forgot to say that you put Adiemus on you video, the theme by Welsh composer Karl Jenkins; the music is opening track on his album Songs of Sanctuary!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I love Enya, I should have realized it was her music, perfect pairing of the Beautiful Butterflies video and Enya.

The pictures are spectacular.

Create more videos and include Enya's music.

Thanks ever so much


the secret keeper said...

I love butterflies most of all. There are an assortment of others that capture my imagination & fill my soul with joy. The butterfly lives within me. They are painted angels with a divine spirit. Your choice of music is unique in the same fashion. Thank you for creating this musical video. A friend shared with me to help me heal. I find such an uplifting depth within the visual imagery of the variety of the butterflies & within the rhythm of the piece of music. <3 to my friend for finding your creative gift & for your creativity & assembling such an amazing collection of images to enjoy. Jk